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Meet ACT -Andrea Clark of Andrea Clark Trichology
Specialising in hair loss and scalp health
Certified Consultant Trichologist IAT
Member of the International Association of Trichologists (IAT)

Andrea Clark started her career as a hair stylist in her home town of Melbourne over 30 years ago. In 2007 she moved to Hong Kong to work with the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Hong Kong as The Mandarin Salon's senior stylist, gradually moving up to salon manager and artistic director, specialising in colour and cutting.


She found that in the high-stress, time-poor city, many of her clients were experiencing hair and scalp issues, as in fact did she herself. Inspired by an unforgettable meeting with the late, great hair specialist and Trichologist Philip Kingsley, she decided to study trichology with the International Association of Trichologists, adding the science-based expertise of the hair and scalp to her skills. 

 Consulting independently and supporting salons across the city of Hong kong and in Australia. She is passionate about assisting women, men, and children to overcome issues such as hair thinning, hair loss, deterioration of the hair’s condition and various scalp problems. How? By delving deep first before anything else.

Andrea looks to identify the underlying causes of your hair concerns, looking at daily life, stressors and habits. She then can guide you through a combination of solutions but not before thoroughly exploring which solution matches the issue. She may suggest tweaks to lifestyle, nutrition and rest, and  then specific hair treatments, products and nutritional supplements may be suggested. By working closely with other hair-empathetic health and medical professionals,  ACT is able to refer clients on when necessary. 

Education is very important so although she didn't need be a stylist to be a Trichologist she is also able to assist in reccomendations on how to style your hair when thinning. Having also specialised in cutting, colouring and event styling with the well known heat styling brand, ghd.

 Andrea’s holistic and professional approach and sympathetic understanding and support, will have you feeling more confident, and with a little bit of patience, you can regain the health of  your hair and scalp.

Who is ACT?: About
Brown Hair

Our “crowning glory”, when our hair looks good we feel good, and unfortunately the opposite is true too. It’s not always easy to take action when you find you are experiencing problems with your hair, but that’s why we are so passionate about trichology at ACT (Andrea Clark Trichology). 

We are hair and scalp specialists who not only diagnose hair conditions, we also pinpoint whether it is lifestyle habits, genetics or hormones contributing to the problem. That means we can give you all the information, tools and assistance necessary to improve your hair.

Of course we understand that your hair is not only a reflection of how you feel, it also gives insights into your internal health. When you are healthy, your hair is healthy, while when you have health issues – physical, mental or emotional – these can show up in the form of hair shedding and thinning, scalp issues and more. 

Whether you are concerned about conditions that have appeared recently or have been on-going for months or years, following a consultation with us, we can look into and suggest solutions that will help. So don’t hesitate to reach out to us at ACT and let us delve into how your hair can look and behave its best, which will give your confidence a welcome boost at the same time.

Who is ACT?: About

impACT - Common Hair Stressors

While our hair truly can be an indicator of our health, it may not be obvious at first as it can take up to three months for hair symptoms to appear. The good news is, however, that many issues are reversible or highly manageable.

impACT - Common Hair Conditions

Learn more about common hair conditions affecting both women, men and children.

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