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On Andrea’s last visit to Melbourne she consulted on my hairloss concerns. She felt although I have some signs of Androgenic hair/male pattern baldness, there was something else going on. She advised seeing a health professional to check my overall health as well as making some dietary changes as simple as including a protein-rich breakfast and trying to reduce the stress I was experiencing.

She shared a number of different options and I chose a program of cyclical supplementation along with a non-medical scalp product. With patience I am noticing real improvement in the overall appearance of my hair. I was very impressed with Andrea’s support and professional manner. Even though she is in Hong Kong, I know I can still reach out and receive support from afar.

Mr. Ian
Androgenetic hair loss/hair shedding

Melbourne, Australia

I have suffered Trichotillamania since I was 11-years-old and always found it difficult to find someone who understands the condition as I moved from country to country. How hard it is to find an empathetic person! When I moved to Hong Kong in 2019, I heard good things about Andrea and contacted her. I had a very private consultation and I felt she was respectful and honest while I felt at ease. She continues her support and even helped me find my wig.

Mz. C
Trichotillamania (hair pulling)
Hong Kong

I first consulted with Andrea two years ago when I experienced an alarming amount of hair shedding. After talking through the supplements I was taking she was able to help me determine that the root cause could be one particular supplement, which can have a side effect of hair shedding. I safely stopped that particular supplement and then, after a few weeks, a halo of baby hair appeared and my journey to re-growth and healthy hair began. So she helped me correct things once the cause was found.

Mz. N
Diffuse hairloss/telegon effluvium
Hong Kong

From my first online conversation with Andrea I knew I was in safe hands and that she would be able to assist me. 

Andrea conducted a thorough and comprehensive questionnaire of my current concerns and overall health including: history of any medical conditions; family history of hair problems; nutrition; allergies; medications; exercise regime; relaxation; sleeping, as well as my hair condition and products used. She followed this up with a summary of our conversation and her recommendations for my overall health and what could assist. I have been very happy with all treatments and supplements recommended, as my hair has stopped thinning and has regained its lustre and condition. 

Mz. R

Menopausal hair thinning, dryness/ Telogen Effluvium

Gold Coast Australia, ex Hong Kong

I had started experiencing hair loss post pregnancy. Andrea explained the condition is called Postpartum Hair Loss and is quite common, however unfortunately it hadn't rectified naturally.  

Andrea showed compassion and understanding at a stressful time for me having a new-born and all the challenges that brings.

She walked me through the potential causes, studied my lifestyle, diet, exercise, stress, sleep etc… and thoroughly reviewed my scalp and hair health. Her approach is truly holistic, looking at all aspects of life to ascertain the cause of the problem and thus develop a highly effective non-medical treatment plan.  

We embarked on a series of scalp treatments and supplements, with some lifestyle changes thrown in. Now, at 45-years-old my hair is the healthiest and longest it’s ever been. 

Mz. L

Postpartum hair loss

Wales, ex Hong Kong

I was made aware of a round patch at the back of my head by a friend. It appeared after some upsets in my life, which could have been a trigger, and I panicked. But Andrea monitored its activity and explained with this kind of Alopecia, with patience, my hair should grow back.

I took supplementation recommended for this type of hair loss, was made aware of my gut health and focused on living with less stress, and my hair has now grown back. I think Andrea's professional reassurance at a stressful time was one of the best aspects of the treatment.

Mz. S

Alopecia Areata

Hong Kong

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