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interACTions - Consultations, cuts and treatments

Meet Andrea Clark: Services

 The first step. You can scroll down further to find out what to expect in a consultation or send an email and chat to Andrea first about what could be achieved when delving deeper. She can help you decide which type of consultation or time frame is ideal for you. (A full hour is generally suggested for your first in person session and on line when not in your town.)
: After connecting , no matter where you are ,
you can arrange an appointment  - 40 min which can cover either hair or scalp or 60 mins delve deep consultation covering both.
Post consultation you receive  a  detailed report from Andrea, a plan and recommendations.  Sometimes other health professionals are suggested as part of the support team.

~NEW to the online consultation services~ a partnership
n collaboration with Curllist-we have introduced the scalp health consultation . 40 mins virtual with Andrea. We can focus on hair too as it can be bespoke.  This is beneficial not only for the curly girl, guy or child but for anyone who is worried about hair fall but needs to get to the cause of that irritated scalp trouble first. Easy to book and ideal if we are not in the same city or suburb. If none of the times suit we can arrange a time that is convenient.                                                                                     We can also create 60 mins too.

40 minutes .This is ideal too for checking in after 3-4 months or when changes in condition occur unexpectedly, for on-going maintenance plans , support or for more Q and A. All consultations are specific to you.

Hair & Scalp Services:  When in your city, private empathetic hair cuts, bespoke treatments  in salon or at home can be arranged by Andrea or a with a number of other hair loss stylists and salons supporting  ACT globally. These can be performed whilst we are working on the cause.

What to expect

To properly assess your hair and scalp issues it’s important for Andrea not only to get to look at your hair but also to get to know you. Today the vitual consultation has become a neccessity on occasion but as the name suggests we are virtually together.

Initially she will offer a complimentary 15-minute phone call or email with her in order for both to get to know each other and set the scene for working together.

If this makes you comfortable to continue, we can schedule a  consultation. This could take place in person where possible, or remotely via Zoom from wherever you are in the world. The one-to-one consultation will cover your overall health, lifestyle habits and family health as well as thoroughly examining the hair and scalp. We also look at a non-medical home hair care regimen and offer product advice.

If the consultation is being held in person, it will also include a scalp examination with a trichoscope to get a closer look and a gentle pull of the hair to see how much it is shedding.


Additional follow-up consultations can take place at any time if any changes or ongoing discussions are required. These may fall at the change of the seasons, or if any different or additional hair challenges arise. 


We at ACT are not medical doctors, so should you need any tests or if there are any medical issues to be followed up upon, Andrea can refer you to a specialist.

Meet Andrea Clark: About
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ACTion - Hair and Scalp Help

Meet Andrea Clark: Text

While Andrea has shifted her focus from cutting, colouring and styling to Trichology, she hasn’t hung up her scissors for good, or turned her back on hair and scalp treatments. She knows better than most how invaluable it is for her Trichology clients to have a friendly and trusted hairdresser to turn to for specific treatments and specialised styles. She can work alongside your own hairdresser, assist in hair rejuvination and growth, choosing products and explaining how to use them. She is happy to offer her own personalised assistance too with bespoke hair and scalp treatments, and her empathetic cutting in a private enviroment.

Meet Andrea Clark: Text

Bespoke Empathetic Cutting

What is an empathetic haircut? An empathic cut works with whatever situation your hair is in, due to a disturbance in the hair's growth and health. It might, for example, incorporate carefully adjusting symmetry, creating a new style that camouflages an area of thin or balding hair, or trimming hair that needs to sit beneath a wig. Importantly, this will always take place in a quiet and private setting.

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Bespoke Hair and Scalp Treatments

If you’ve had a consultation with Andrea or attended one of her workshops or LiveACT presentations you’ll know that stress, nutrition and other lifestyle habits we’ve picked up along the way can affect our hair and scalp. 

She finds she is often faced with conditions such as dry hair that’s brittle and breaking, locks that are thinning or shedding, or a scalp that’s inflamed and irritated. She’s able to suggest some in-salon and at-home treatments, sometimes working alongside your hairdresser, dermatologist or GP. She may introduce her own program using world-class, Trichologist-approved supplements, hair products and treatments into a routine. 

The scalp treatments she offers help increase blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles. They can be stimulating and strengthening, designed for relaxation through the power of head massage, moisturising and repairing, or cleansing and detoxifying.

Andrea will discover exactly what your hair needs, and deliver it with her customary gentle touch, leaving you with hair that feels rejuvenated, a scalp that feels soothed, a look that boosts confidence and a spirit that has been recharged.

Meet Andrea Clark: Text

For a consultation treatment or to enquire conACT us.

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