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fACTs and Myths

fACTs & Myths: FAQ

Will daily brushing increase shine?

Daily brushing done gently is ok, while over brushing can make the cuticles dull. Let's talk brushes and combs when we meet.

Is shampooing everyday bad?

No, it’s fine to shampoo the hair everyday with the appropriate shampoo, just make sure not to go overboard on hair dryers and tongs. If you use heated accessories regularly add a heat protection product to your regime, as daily excessive heat can damage hair. Ask me about my favourites.

Why do I need to be gentle with my hair when it is wet?

The strength of the hair is compromised when it is wet, so towel drying and combing or brushing should be done gently so as not to damage the cuticles. Rough treatment can cause split ends as well as knotting and breakage. Are you kind to your hair?

Will overnight conditioning benefit my hair?

Overnight conditioning is a great way to deeply treat the hair. I often leave a pre-shampoo mask on overnight or even during exercise. It's recommended to keep a treatment mask on for at least 20 minutes, and conditioner on long enough to detangle the hair and close the cuticle after shampooing, which is about two to three minutes. Are you already using pre shampoo treatments?

Does cutting my hair make it grow faster?

No. Think of hair on a cellular level – it grows from within the follicle so the cells from within won’t respond to a hair cut. However, the appearance of your locks will improve. It will make you feel confident with upkeeping your style.

If I pull out a grey hair will more grow in its place?

Have you heard the saying, "If I pluck a grey hair, three will come to the party"? Actually, this is a myth. Hair follicles all respond and perform independently. it is part of the ageing process, where by the follicle stops producing pigment.

Is it bad to have your hair/head out in the rain?

When our hair gets wet due to the rain or high levels of humidity, the elements can create frizz and occasionally scalp problems, but nothing serious. On the other hand, during sunny days we can absorb vitamin D through our heads. Vitamin D helps with healthy hair and scalps, so responsibly baring the head outside can be beneficial. Smoothing treatments, serum's, sprays. There are so many but they can help the rain and humidity.

Can there be more than one hair in a follicle?

Yes, it’s called a cluster and is an ideal follicle for hair transplants. The best type of transplant today is therefore Follicular Unit Extraction, which has high success rates and produces a very natural look. Clusters can, however, be a nusisance in men’s beards, causing Folliculitis.

Are PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma therapy) or LLLT ( Low Level Laser therapy) successful treatments for hairloss? What about essential oils?

Yes, LLLT, which is less invasive, has become a popular and safe way to treat male and female pattern hairloss. While all have shown success in some cases, more evidence is still being collected. Other options like micro needling and cyclical supplementation and the FDA approved treatments of Minoxidil and Propecia are decisions made case by case. Sometimes it is reassurance that is the best treatment.

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