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  Experiencing a change with your hair and scalp?
Let us delve deep together to fin
d out why

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Do you suspect Alopecia? There are many different types of Alopecia - the blanket term for hair loss. So let us look at which it might be and then what is causing it. Only then can we know how to treat it.

  • It doesn’t have to mean it’s for always.

  • Healthy hair growth is possible.

  • Underlying reasons for scalp and hair woes can often be found and addressed. 

  • Let’s not always blame it on our genes.

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About Andrea

Andrea is a trichologist, stylist and hair consultant. She works between Melbourne and Hong Kong, consulting and supporting salons in both cities. She also offers individual consultations to clients anywhere in the world by zoom. She is passionate about assisting clients to overcome issues such as hair thinning, hair loss, deterioration of the hair’s condition and scalp conditions.

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impACT - Common Hair Stressors

While our hair truly can be an indicator of our health, it may not be obvious at first as it can take up to three months for hair symptoms to appear. The good news is, however, that many issues are reversible or highly manageable.

impACT - Common Hair Conditions

Learn about common hair issues affecting both women and men, as well as children.

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